Five Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Me About Business

One of history’s greatest entrepreneurs passed away this week.

Though writing for this blog is far outside of my current projects focus and I have long since refused to purchase Apple products, Steve Jobs and his example as a marketer will be forever legendary and beyond well worth remembering.

Here are five of the most important, and my favorite, business and marketing lessons I feel I learned from studying his example:

  1. Customers will pay more for the same (or less) core functionality if you can appeal to their senses or aesthetics.
  2. Customers will camp out and stand in line waiting to buy your products if you can anchor the ownership experience to their identity.
  3. The clearest path to a successful product is to find out what people are already buying then redefine that product by bettering aesthetics and/or making it easier to use.
  4. If you’re going to sell gadgets, turn them into a device for consumption from your tightly controlled marketplace. The long term money is in licensing and transaction fees, less so in the metal and plastic.
  5. Fear competitors who leverage other manufacturers to distribute their intellectual property.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs. In so many ways we are all better because of you.