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fun with glue! by Voodoo Snapper (1999)

Voodoo Snapper was an American experimental/electronic band founded in 1999 by musician and composer William H. Starrett, Jr. in Dallas, Texas. Starrett was the only official member of Voodoo Snapper and its 2000 album fun with glue! was this band’s only release.

headset mic by silver_overload (2012)

Under nom de guerre silver_overload, American musician and composer William H. Starrett, Jr. explored improvised musical sets on this release titled headset mic with only three tools: his voice, looping software, and a headset microphone he purchased at a discount electronics store in Dallas, Texas.

A rarely melodic avante-garde reduction on identity and society, Starrett once explained that the tracks on headset mic use sound primarily as a sculptural medium because of how audio naturally allowed him to layer terse abstractions of life experiences into a story-like timeline.

Partly inspired by Jack Karouac and other writers who have experimented with stream of consciousness for writing, the entire of Starrett’s silver_overload album headset mic was conceptualized, improvised, and recorded in a single session one 2012 Saturday afternoon.

yeahRight by silver_overload (2008)

The darker and more surreal 2008 compilation of Starrett’s rare instrumental, spoken word, a capella, and electronic mixes from the few years prior, yeahRight tells how stories rarely begin and end but instead weave and connect as threads of a greater whole. As silver_overload, the raw playfulness of William Starrett’s serious side gave shape to the tracks on this organically rich album.

silver_overload followed Voodoo Snapper after American recording artist and composer William H. Starrett, Jr. moved on to other projects. With a start in Dallas, Texas, Starrett remains as the only official member and still occasionally records to this day.

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